Qualité Tourisme

Obtained in october 2018

The State has created the brand Qualité Tourisme™ in order to better receive tourists and enrich the quality of tourist services in France.

In order to continually improve our activity and the satisfaction of our tourist customers this brand has selected and federated the efforts made by NATUREO under one label.

For us Qualité Tourisme™ represents a sign of national recognition that values our welcome and our quality services, and which allows tourists to choose our establishment with confidence.

What we are committing to?

Qualité Tourisme™ values your commitment in favor of welcoming and providing quality services.

We must successfully follow a quality approach complying with the criteria of Qualité Tourisme™ to obtain this brand. Essential requirements to satisfy our customers are:

  • A warm Welcome
  • An attentive staff
  • The mastery of foreign languages
  • Personalized services
  • Clear and precise information
  • Assured cleanliness and comfort
  • The discovery of a destination
  • The opinion of customers to be taken into account.

Our Camping obtained the European Ecolabel – Tourist Accommodation Service. We want to guarantee our customers an environmentally friendly site.


Initially restricted to products, in 2003 it was extended to the tourist accommodation service allowing customers to recognize respectful sites and making efforts by protecting and reducing their impact on the environment.


The criterias to put the label in action are related directly to environmental and sanitarian concerns such as:

  • Reducing the global consumption of energy and water
  • The use of renewable energy
  • Reducing and to sort waste selectively
  • The use of less aggressive detergents

The training actions are an important part regarding the awareness of residents and vacationers as well as the teams.


The Flower is a symbol of the European Ecolabel and distinguishes, among other things, household appliances, clothing, gardening products and environmentally friendly tourist accommodations.


Allocation audits for the Ecolabel are guaranteed by the Afnor Certification and it is monitoring the implementation of the multi-annual action plan by a control visit every two years.


The Ecolabel is a real management tool which is fully integrated into the day-to-day operation of structures and all their management systems. In the same time it is a tool to unite innovative projects and their team.


European Ecolabel

Tourisme Durable

Obtenue en 2019

This guideline is directed to tourist actors who practice their profession with the aim of preserving the natural areas and the local environment in a sustainable manner.

Its purpose is to allow everyone to be sensitized and accompanied in this process so that sustainable development is part of our professional practice.

These guidelines are managed by the local tourist offices, which provide information about sustainable tourism, as well as the supervision and communication in connection with the communality of the municipalities and Pays Adour Landes Océanes.

  • Purchase eco-responsible and local
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Promote biodiversity
  • Preserve the water resource
  • Decrease waste production
  • Create awareness about this approach