Culture Naturéo

To reinforce its vision of sharing and respect for the environment, Naturéo has founded the Naturéo Culture association.

L'association Culture Naturéo

A non-profit association, Naturéo Culture’s goal is to encourage and develop knowledge and experience of Nature. In this way, the association intends to foster environmental information and education and encourage the taking into account of nature and eco-citizenship. Disseminating information at conferences / projections, evening events, debates and also by experimenting, enjoying ourselves with a Nature Club, outings and workshops!

The best means of transmitting is to open yourself to others. Naturéo Culture wants to weave partnerships with other associations with complementary missions. For 2017, Naturéo Culture is proud to be supported by “Du Flocon à la Vague” (From the snowflake to the wave), an association with the objective of informing and educating about water protection! This year, Du Flocon à la Vague is expanding its action by creating a Landes subsidiary which will be headquartered at Naturéo camping!


The little eco-responsibility house, near the Aromatics and compost trail, houses a laboratory, an exhibition space, a library and a water fountain. An experimental cabin open to schoolchildren and the Naturéo camping, holidaymakers and residents in order to inform, experience, amuse themselves and understand. For concrete demonstrations of the stakes and our impact on the environment!

Open to all at all times or when events are taking place!


Protect our environment and its riches, we can do it together! For the creation and maintenance of the aromatic herbs and medicinal plants trail while passing through the protection of the local flora and fauna, Antonela invites you to participate. You can add your stone to the natural building in many ways. Concretely, for example by reserving your plant matter for compost. But also in an indirect manner: by enjoying our Nature walks to discover the ocean or by following the programme of films, activities and debates.

Naturéo Culture, it’s solidarity with nature!


In Naturéo campsite, you are invited to follow an environmental interpretation trail. A natural walk in 6 stages to discover the riches and biodiversity of our environment with:

  • The dry river bridge: A wetland with water collector, observation of lichens and mosses and the animal life,
  • The pool: about consumption, eco-actions and water chlorinated or not…
  • The lake: observation of biodiversity in freshwater,
  • The forest: observation of typical Landes flora and fauna,
  • The vegetable garden and compost: aromatic plants with a warmer micro-climate thanks to the slope, working with compost.
  • The laboratory: observation by microscope of phytoplankton and zooplankton species taken from the lake.

A walk on a trail rich in curiosities!

In the South Landes area, Naturéo welcomes you to a preserved natural setting, 600m from the beach and surfing spots, for holidays full of well-being! Located at Seignosse, near Hossegor, between the ocean and the forest, the Océliances campsite has become Naturéo. An invitation to reconnect with the essentials via activities and services suited to your nature: privileged environment, rental of unusual lodgings with wood cabins, sports and well-being activities, meetings, supply of local and bio products, etc.
To make your stay on the Atlantic coast a natural and relaxing break. Find time, open up to yourself and others, feel good in your heart, your head, your body and your environment. Naturéo, a creator of well-being!